Wachau Danube valley World Heritage Donau

November 29th, 2012 | admin

The Wachau is a valley of the Danube and runs from the picturesque town of Melk to the city of Krems. This valley with a great natural, cultural and historical value is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000. The history of the region and its vine-culture dates back to prehistoric times. Wine growing has been important to the wachau area for as long as people can remember. It dates back to the Celts who lived here in pre-Roman times. The Romans however changed wine growing into a wine culture. The mild climate of the river valley and the rich soil give the Wachau wine its prominent taste. Dürnstein is one of the most appealing places of the area. Visit WWW.FAUNAFILM.NL for more information about the 26-part TV-series HERITAGE SITES of the WORLD on DVD or VHS. More culture & world heritage available at WWW.STOCKSHOT.NL

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