Dec 31 2012 – Annual Predictions Show Pt. 2

Januar 8th, 2013 | admin

Date: 12-31-12 Host: George Noory Guests: Open Lines, Lauren Weinstein George Noory celebrated New Year’s Eve live on the air, reviewing listener predictions for 2012, and recording predictions for the new year. Here are some highlights of callers‘ predictions for 2013: Marshall in Yellow Springs, Ohio said this will be the year that time travel with Dr. Ronald Mallett is going to happen. ‚Satyr‘ from North Carolina said Syria’s President Assad will try to use chemical weapons against his foes in their civil war but a miraculous being will intervene and stop him. The coming hurricane season will be particularly deadly with Jamaica taking a direct hit, warned Simon from Baltimore. Angelique from Tuscon predicted that doctors in the US will increasingly use a patients‘ voice for medical diagnosis. Mike in San Bernardino foresees a nuclear submarine accident or incident in the Atlantic, close to the Florida coast. Rena, a caller on Skype, said that a new food additive will make many people sick. Due to a pole shift and changes in the electromagnetic field, the Earth will grow rings around it similar to Saturn, Elizabeth in LA intriguingly posited. George Noory shared his own prediction: „I think sometime in 2013, we’re going to get hit by some kind of a flare from the sun, an X-type flare, that will finally convince people that we need to fix the grid.“ Reviewing callers‘ predictions from last year, here are some of the hits & misses. Hits: Scientists create a new element on

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